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Conference ID: 619 376 270

北京时间8月28日下午5点,ICAERE会员University College Cork (UCC) Dr Richen Lin/林日琛博士将在腾讯会议在线开展ICAERE系列学术报告。报告题目为:“Biofuels production from Microbial energyconversion, 微生物能源转化制取清洁燃料”。报告语言为中文。
Dr Richen Lin is a Lecturer in Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering in University College Cork (UCC). He held a prestigious Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (2018-2020) investigating “Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer in Anaerobic Digestion”. Following the successful fellowship, he has received over €850k research funding from Environmental Protection Agency, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, and Enterprise Ireland. Before joining UCC, he obtainedhis PhD degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering from Zhejiang University, China in 2016. His research has focused on the production of advanced biofuels/biochemicals in cascading circular bioenergy systems. This has led to over 60 peer-reviewed journal publications in journals including Trends in Biotechnology, iScience, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, and Chemical Engineering Journal.
His Research Interests:
· Bioenergy &Biorefinery for CO2 and Biomass Utilisation
· Anaerobic Digestion, Pyrochar & Circular Bioeconomy
· Negative Carbon EmissionTechnologies
· Sustainability Assessment of Cascading Circular Systems

Contact Details:
Email: richen.lin@ucc.ie



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August 25, 2021
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